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Karnataka PUC Syllabus 2018

The Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board(KSEEB) has released the Karnataka 2nd PUC Syllabus for all subjects like Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Geology, etc. through the official website www.pue.kar.nic.in. The aspirants can get the Karnataka 2nd PUC Syllabus 2018 in PDF format through online mode from the organization web portal. The Department of Pre-University every year conducts a common public examination for the second year candidates. The 2nd PUC examination is especially for the class 12th students. Every year a large number of candidates appear for the examination.

Karnataka 2nd PUC Syllabus for All Subjects

PUC Result 2018Syllabus for Mathematics

  • RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS – Relations and Functions and Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  • CALCULUS- Continuity and Differentiability, Applications of Derivatives, Integrals, Applications of the Integrals and Differential Equations
  • ALGEBRA- Matrices and Determinants
  • LINEAR PROGRAMMING: Introduction of L.P.P. definition of constraints and Different types of L.P.P
  • VECTORS AND THREE-DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRY- Vectors and Three-dimensional
  • PROBABILITY: Conditional Probability and Bernoulli trials and Binomial distribution

Syllabus for Biology

  • REPRODUCTION IN ORGANISATIONS: Asexual Reproduction, Sexual Reproduction and Post- Fertilization events,
  • SEXUAL REPRODUCTION IN FLOWERING PLANTS: Flower L.S. of Flower, Pre-Fertilization, Double Fertilization and Post-fertilization
  • HUMAN REPRODUCTION: The Male reproductive system, The female reproductive system, Gametogenesis, Menstrual Cycle, Fertilization and Implantation, Pregnancy and Embryonic Development and Parturition and Lactation
  • REPRODUCTIVE AND STRATEGIES: Reproductive Health, Problems and Strategies, Population Explosion and Birth Control, Contraception and Medical Termination of Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Infertility
  • MOLECULAR BASIS OF INHERITANCE: The DNA, The Search for Genetic Material, RNA world, Replication, Transcription, Generic Code, Translation, Regulation of Gene Expression, Human Genome Project and DNA Fingerprinting
  • EVOLUTION: Origin of Life, Evolution of Life Forms, Evidence fro Evolution, Adaptive Radiation in Darwin’s Finches, Mechanism of Evolution, Hardy-Weinberg Principal and Origin and Evolution of Man
  • BIOLOGY IN HUMAN WELFARE: Pathogen definition, Immunity, AIDS, CANCER and Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

Syllabus For Physics

  • ELECTRIC CHARGES AND FIELDS: Electric Charges and their properties, Continuous charge distribution, Electric dipole, Electric field lines
  • ELECTROSTATIC POTENTIAL AND CAPACITANCE: Electric Potential, Equi-potential surfaces, Electric potential energy, Electrostatics of conductor, Capacitors, and capacitance and Combination of Capacitors
  • CURRENT ELECTRICITY: Definition of Electric current, Drift of Electrons and origin of resistivity, Electrical energy, and power, Combination of resistors, Combination of cells and Wheatstone bridge
  • MOVING CHARGES AND MAGNETISM: Concept of magnetic field, Motion of a charge in a uniform magnetic field, Velocity selector, Biot- Savart law, Ampere’s circuital law, Derivation of the force between two parallel current-carrying conductors, Current loop as a magnetic dipole and Moving coil galvanometer
  • MAGNETISM AND MATTER: Bar Magnet, Earth’s magnetic field and its elements and Magnetic properties of materials
  • ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION: Experiments of Faraday and Henry, Motional emf, Coaxial solenoids, self-induction and AC generator
  • ALTERNATING CURRENT: Mention of expression for instantaneous, AC voltage applied to a capacitor, AC voltage applied to a resistor, AC voltage applied to series LCR circuit, AC voltage applied to an inductor, LC oscillations, Mention of expression for power in AC circuit, and Transformer
  • ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES: Displacement current, Electromagnetic waves, and Electromagnetic spectrum
  • RAY OPTICS AND OPTICAL INSTRUMENT: Reflection of light by spherical mirrors, Total internal reflection, Definition of critical angle, Refraction at spherical surfaces, Refraction by a lens, Refraction of light through a prism, Optical instruments and Telescope
  • WAVE OPTICS: Wavefront: plane, spherical and cylindrical, Young’s experiment, Polarisation
  • DUAL NATURE OF RADIATION AND MATTER: Electron emission, Einstein’s photoelectric equation, Particle nature of light and Wave nature of matter
  • ATOMS: Alpha particle scattering and Bohr model of hydrogen atom
  • NUCLEI: Definition of atomic mass unit, Radioactivity
  • SEMICONDUCTOR ELECTRONICS: Energy bands in solids, Semiconductors, Diode as a rectifier, Optoelectronic junction devices, Junction transistor, Transistor as a switch and Logic Gates
  • COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS: Block diagram of the generalized communication system

Karnataka PUC Syllabus 2018

Visit the Official Website of PUC, www.pue.kar.nic.in and open the link Syllabus available in the menu bar. Then click on  “IInd PUC” syllabus link and the students can choose the desired subjects’ name from opened page. Now the Syllabus will appear in PDF format. Download the syllabus and take a printout of it for future reference.

Click Here for the Official Website For more Details